Cincinnati Animal CARE Wins Bid for 10 Year Hamilton County Animal Services and Dog Warden Contract

Cincinnati animal care Wins Bid for Hamilton County Animal Services and Dog Warden Contract team celebrating

CAC Wins Bid for Hamilton County Animal Services and Dog Warden Contract

Moves into the Contracting Phase with the Board of Commissioners


Monday, July 1, 2024 (Cincinnati, Ohio) – Cincinnati Animal CARE (CAC), operator of Hamilton County’s only open-intake animal shelter, is thrilled to announce that their bid for the animal services contract for Hamilton County has been accepted, and now moves into the contracting phase.

Once finalized, this contract for services would begin January 2025 and extend through 2034. In a monumental move forward for animal welfare in the county, this ten-year contract solidifies Hamilton County’s commitment to no-kill animal sheltering and dog warden services.

Since 2020, CAC has delivered innovative, best-practice animal services providing dedicated, individualized care for the thousands of animals that arrive at the shelter annually, with an underlying philosophy of saving every saveable animal while maintaining a promise of full transparency of their work.

This new contract will fortify CAC’s lifesaving approach in the neighborhoods of Cincinnati, through compassionate community support aimed at keeping animals and people together, medically- and behaviorally-driven care and enrichment programs that recognize the individual needs of animals in-shelter, and dog warden services that keep animals and people safe.

Cincinnati animal care Wins Bid for Hamilton County Animal Services and Dog Warden Contract team celebrating

“This is a tremendous moment for us, and an endorsement of the incredible work that Cincinnati Animal CARE has done over these past four years – and the work we will continue to do to further our mission. We’re eager to build upon the lifesaving results already delivered in Hamilton County, and demonstrate just how much can be achieved in partnership with a community that truly cares about the outcomes for its homeless animals,” says Executive Director, Carolyn Evans.

Despite the challenges the organization has faced combatting the “COVID boom,” overcoming multiple contagious disease outbreaks, managing the logistics of two inadequate facilities – the six decades-old dog pound and a retrofitted warehouse – amidst the alarming rising animal intake numbers across the country, CAC’s commitment to the mission, though more difficult to navigate, has not waivered.

“To achieve and sustain lifesaving results takes the dedication, collaboration and coordinated effort of an entire community – adopters, fosters, volunteers, donors and county partners – orchestrated by the team at Cincinnati Animal CARE who is working every day on the front lines. It is the steadfast commitment to the mission and to the animals in our care that will continue to move the county forward in these trying times,” Evans added.

Thoughtful plans for continued facility improvements are currently in the works at both CAC Northside shelter locations that will impact the quality of life for the animals and improve the workplace conditions for their staff and customers, as facility and process improvements are top of mind for CAC leadership and county administrators to ensure a safe and empowering environment to support their work.


About Cincinnati Animal CARE

Cincinnati Animal CARE is Hamilton County’s only open-intake animal shelter and a young, rapidly-growing entity focused on expanding our lifesaving mission in our community. With our robust foster program and volunteer force, dedicated care from our experienced teams, community outreach, education initiatives, and partnerships with national organizations composed of other like-minded, industry professionals, we can further the vision to live in a community where all animals are valued, protected and have a safe place to call home. We do things differently because we CARE.

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