Featuring Griff, a Terrier, American Staffordshire Dog

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Terrier, American Staffordshire
Primary Coat Color:
Estimated Age:
4 Year(s)
47 pounds
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What We Think We Know About Griff
Golden Griffen didn't fit on a dog tag, so we settled for Griff instead!

Much like his name implies, Griff radiates love. Physically it's obvious he's been through some hardship, but it has not affected his demeanor at all. He loves everyone and he gives the sweetest hugs - somehow they are so gentle and all he's tying to do is get closer to people. His fur is velvety soft, so he's a pleasure to pet. He is happy but balanced and confident - a very nice personality. He is non-reactive to other dogs. Does enjoy being the only king in the castle. During walks he checks in frequently - either with a smile and a warm glance, or sometimes by coming all the way back for a quick snuggle break. It's amazing that even though he's been cooped up at the shelter and has so many sights and smells to explore when he finally gets out, he comes back in response to verbal cues. He is highly treat-motivated, so with some training, we believe he would be an excellent leash walker in no time - he's already well on his way. It's obvious that he is very smart. He memorized where the car was parked, and by the end of his day trip he was sitting on command - didn't seem to know how at the beginning. He played with all of his toys but did not obsess over any of them - he was easily redirected when I wanted him to "trade." He'd love some nice strong bullymake chew toys, and something soft to shake and toss! He went to Urban Artifact and made many friends (and the bartender didn't even ID him!) - several friends even came back to say goodbye before they left, and everyone kept saying what a lovely demeanor he has. He wanted to meet everyone but he was also able to settle and observe nicely - I scattered some treats on his "place" mat and he focused on sniffing them out, then he laid down and watched the world go by. In the car he fell asleep immediately - he loves a good nap.

We can't say enough good things about this boy - 10/10 would recommend Griff to anyone who loves good boys!
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