Featuring Dice, a Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 Lbs Fully Grown) Dog

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Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown)
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1 Year(s)
47 pounds
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What We Think We Know About Dice
Are you feeling lucky? Then let me introduce you to Dice, the playful pup who is sure to bring some excitement to your life! Dice is a 3-year-old mixed breed with a lively personality that matches his name.

This guy loves to play! He's got tons of energy to spare and will always be up for a good romp in the yard or a brisk walk around the block. With Dice around, you'll never be bored!

Despite his lively nature, Dice is also a total sweetheart who loves to be around people. He's incredibly friendly and outgoing, always eager to make new friends and shower them with affection. His wiggly butt and wagging tail are sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of days.

If you're looking for a furry companion who will keep you on your toes and make you laugh with his playful antics, then Dice is the perfect dog for you. Come meet him today and see why he's such a great catch!

Our adoptable animals listed as location: foster home are available to meet by emailing foster@cincycare.org and our adoptable animals listed as location: shelter are available to meet any day 1-6 pm at 3949 Colerain Ave.!
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