Featuring Doo Wop, a Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 Lbs Fully Grown) Dog

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Doo Wop
I'm a:
Looks Like:
Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown)
Primary Coat Color:
Estimated Age:
3 Year(s)
62 pounds
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What We Think We Know About Doo Wop
Doo Wop is a lovable dog who is known for his friendly and affectionate nature. With his charming personality and cute face, he has won the hearts of everyone he meets. Doo Wop is a playful pup who loves to play fetch with his favorite humans.

One of Doo Wop's favorite things to do is ride in the car. He is a great traveler and always lays down quietly, patiently waiting to see where his next adventure will take him. Whether it's a trip to the park or a long road trip, Doo Wop is always up for a ride.

In short, Doo Wop is a wonderful friendly dog who is full of love. With his adorable face, tail wagging nature, and love for fetch, he is sure to be a beloved member of your family! Ask to meet him!

Our adoptable animals listed as location: foster home are available to meet by emailing foster@cincycare.org and our adoptable animals listed as location: shelter are available to meet any day 1-6 pm at 3949 Colerain Ave.!
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