Featuring Jimmy Buffet, a Mixed Breed, Medium (up To 44 Lbs Fully Grown) Dog

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Goes by:
Jimmy Buffet
I'm a:
Looks Like:
Mixed Breed, Medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown)
Primary Coat Color:
Estimated Age:
10 Month(s)
36 pounds
Reference Num:
Foster Home
What We Think We Know About Jimmy Buffet
Introducing Jimmy Buffet, the perfect furry friend to add some island vibes to your life! This lovable pup is "Working Hard for Treats" and is making great strides in potty training.

Jimmy Buffet gets along famously with other dogs and is always up for a game of fetch. When playtime is over, he's the ultimate snuggle buddy.

This dog is as mellow as a "Margaritaville" sunset, rarely barking, and taking treats gently. He's also a breeze to walk on a leash, making your daily strolls feel like a "Cheeseburger in Paradise."

If you're searching for a dog that brings joy and relaxation, don't miss out on Jimmy Buffet. He's the "Parrothead" you've been looking for to join your family's adventures!

If his location is listed as foster home, email foster@cincycare.org to meet him!

If his location is listed as shelter, stop in any day 1-6 pm to meet him!
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