Available Cats for Adoption

Check our shelter hours to adopt an in-shelter cat. If you’re interested in an animal that has the ‘I’m in a Foster Home’ icon on their profile photo, please email foster.adoption@cincycare.org to schedule a meet and greet.

The team at Kitty City wants to make the right cat match for you! We see a lot of cats come through and we know it can be overwhelming to see so many cats and kittens available for adoption… how do you pick the right one?!

We place cats into color-coded categories that describe their personality and coordinate the best match possible between human and feline companions. Feel free to email cats@cincycare.org and we’ll be in touch to help determine which cats would do best in your home and fit your lifestyle!

Have Questions?

Learn how to Adopt a Pet from the Hamilton County Animal Shelter or review answers to our Frequently Asked Adoption Questions.

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