Every person has probably encountered a friendly cat in their neighborhood at least once. Just because a cat is friendly and outside does not mean that cat is lost or stray. They may be someone’s indoor/outdoor pet, or they may just be a community cat. If the cat is healthy and happy – there is no reason to remove them from their neighborhood. Remember – being friendly to humans does not mean a cat doesn’t have outdoor survival skills! Even though they may be adoptable, it doesn’t mean they need to be taken to a shelter. Plenty of cats enjoy living free outdoors, and members of the community welcome them onto their property – and sometimes even inside their homes! – for shelter and food. Bringing community cats – friendly or feral – into the shelter takes the space of cats who are truly in need. Relieving the influx of community cats to the shelter means that more resources can be used saving cats who are truly in need. Empty cages means cats can be pulled from other shelters where the risk of euthanasia is high and pet cats can be surrendered when their owners are no longer able to care for them. When you look at the big picture, it is clear that leaving community cats in their communities saves lives! Of course, every situation is unique, and we make sure to look at every call from every angle. If you are worried about a cat living outdoors, call us. We will always make the decision that is best for the cat.

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