• Cat Socialization – Pet cats, read to cats, play with cats, brush cats, etc.
  • Cat Cage Cleaning – Prior to opening help staff clean kennels, feed cats, and prep cages.
  • Cat Enrichment Building & Distributing – Build fun toys for cats to play with and distribute to cats daily for some enrichment time.
  • Kitty City Greeter – Welcome visitors of kitty city and help answer any questions they may have.


  • Dog Walking – Tues, Wed, Sat, & Sun walk group 10AM-1PM – Walk dogs around the shelter to give them time out of their kennels.
  • Dog Enrichment Building & Distributing – Stuff Kongs, make lick mats, and make pupsicles to then be distributed daily to dogs in their kennels.
  • Census Taker – Help the lead volunteer with walk group keep track of what volunteer has what dog. (Great opportunity for someone who does not want to handle dogs but is happy to be around them).
  • Playgroup Assistant – Help the behavior team with dogs taking part in playgroup activities. Must be a higher level volunteer for this position.

Administrative and Others

  • Wash Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Off Site Events
  • Photography
What can I do as a volunteer? da Administrator
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