Looking for a lost pet?

These are animals found in Hamilton County either by the public or the Hamilton County Dog Warden. Per the Ohio Revised Code, strays are held at the shelter or in a stray foster for a minimum of 72 hours. If you believe any of these are your lost pet, please contact the shelter immediately at 513-541-7387. Be prepared to provide proof of ownership: photos of you with your pet, vet records, adoption paperwork, or purchase receipt.

Found Animals
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09-27-2023 |Male |Cleves
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09-27-2023 |Female |Delhi Township
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09-27-2023 |Female |Delhi Township
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09-27-2023 |Female |Springfield Township
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09-27-2023 |Female |Pierce Township
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09-27-2023 |Male |Western Hills
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09-27-2023 |Male |Wyoming
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09-25-2023 |Male |Anderson Township
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09-26-2023 |Female |Covedale
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09-26-2023 |Male |Evanston
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09-27-2023 |Male |Groesbeck
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09-25-2023 |Female |Northside
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09-27-2023 |Female |Groesbeck
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07-05-2023 |Female |Hartwell
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09-27-2023 |Male |Northside
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09-26-2023 |Female |Northside
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09-27-2023 |Female |Spring Grove Village
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09-27-2023 |Male |Cheviot
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09-26-2023 |Male |Groesbeck
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09-26-2023 |Male |Northbrook
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09-26-2023 |Female |Northside
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09-23-2023 |Male |Mt. Healthy
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09-21-2023 |Female |Westwood
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09-22-2023 |Male |Cleves
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09-26-2023 |Female |Mt. Airy
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09-26-2023 |Female |Western Hills
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09-25-2023 |Female |Springfield Township
Photo Not Available dog
09-26-2023 |Unknown |North College Hill
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09-26-2023 |Male |Reading
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09-26-2023 |Unknown |Mt. Auburn
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09-26-2023 |Male |Sharonville
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09-26-2023 |Male |Northside
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09-23-2023 |Male |Northside
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09-15-2023 |Female |Mt. Washington
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09-03-2023 |Female |Clifton
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09-22-2023 |Male |Delhi Township
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07-11-2023 |Female |Mt. Airy
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09-23-2023 |Male |Price Hill
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09-27-2023 |Male |College Hill
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09-27-2023 |Female |Monfort Heights
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09-21-2023 |Female |Hyde Park
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09-17-2023 |Male |Clifton
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09-05-2023 |Female |North College Hill
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08-21-2023 |Female |Evanston
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