What happens during TNR?

Humane traps, sometimes called box traps, are set in a safe location where the cats live or are frequently seen. The traps are designed so that they do not harm the cat in any way. Once a cat is caught in a trap, it is covered with a towel or blanket to help keep the...

Why don’t food bans work?

Many local governments, property managers, and HOA’s and even some countries have attempted to resolve feral cat overpopulation by banning community members from feeding cats. And all of those groups have one thing in common – they still have a cat problem. Not...

Why do the cats have to be returned?

Besides the fact that there just isn’t anywhere for these cats to go – relocating cats is not only time consuming for people, but it is stressful and even dangerous for cats. And most importantly of all – it is a temporary and ineffective solution. Cats...

What about friendly outdoor cats?

Every person has probably encountered a friendly cat in their neighborhood at least once. Just because a cat is friendly and outside does not mean that cat is lost or stray. They may be someone’s indoor/outdoor pet, or they may just be a community cat. If the cat is...

Can’t community cats just go to the shelter?

By nature, feral cats are not adoptable. Feral cats are not socialized to humans – they do not want to be petted, picked up, and especially do not want to spend any amount of time at a shelter or in a person’s home! Returning feral cats to their territory after...
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