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Our Name Reflects Our Core Values
Compassion, Advocacy, Rescue & Education


Our vision is to be a valuable resource for the Hamilton County community – reuniting lost companion pets, reducing the stray population, offering opportunities for unwanted animals to be adopted or rescued and providing the public with information and programs for responsible pet ownership. Such a shelter will be a source of pride and a tremendous asset for Hamilton County.

Our Story

Although we are newly formed as the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society, we are not new to animal rescue and animal sheltering. Members of our Board of Directors and Advisors include multiple entrepreneurs and Hamilton County business owners, and those with a breadth and depth of experience covering a vast array of animal welfare categories. Additionally, our members currently hold and have held staff, volunteer and leadership positions with a vast number of rescue groups. Those relationships will serve as a foundation to fortify CARE’s mission.

What We Do

We have a contract through the end of 2020 with the Hamilton County Commissioners to provide Animal Control and sheltering services for the residents of Hamilton County that both parties will renew for an additional 4 years.

Nonprofit Status

Cincinnati CARE is a nonprofit Ohio corporation dedicated to animal welfare. Cincinnati CARE has applied for federal tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) public charity and its application is pending. If this designation is granted, contributions will be deductible for tax purposes.

When the IRS approves the application, exempt status is recognized back to the date CARE was formed (7/29/20). Thus, while the application is pending, CARE can treat itself as exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3). However, contributors do not have advance assurance of deductibility because the exemption is pending. If CARE ultimately qualifies for exemption for the period in which the contribution is made, the contribution will be tax-deductible by the donor. Alternatively, if CARE ultimately does not qualify for exemption, then the contribution will not be tax deductible.

Governed By

Board of Directors. Our leadership consists of business and community leaders from across the community with advisors contributing from across the United States.

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Cat and Dog Waiting

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Compassion. Advocacy. Rescue. Education.

For Our Community & Our Animals

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