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Emergency Plans

Even in Ohio, it’s important to plan ahead in case of an emergency or disaster. When doing so, don’t forget your pets! Check out this link to Red Cross to make sure your pets are included in your emergency plans.


If you think your pet may have ingested something they shouldn’t have, please seek immediate medical attention

For a full list of poisonous items and steps you can take to keep your pet safe, visit:

Reading Body Language

slight cowering
licking lips
slow dog
sleepy dog
loss of hunger
moving away
animal pacing

Kitten Information

Cincinnati Animal CARE takes in nearly 3,500 cats and kittens a year!

Is Kitten Season a real thing?

You bet! In Cincinnati, Kitten Season runs from approximately April- November. This is the time of year when most of the kittens in our region are born. If you see cats or kittens in your neighborhood or place of work, do what you can to get them spayed and neutered so that they don’t reproduce. Outdoor cats and kittens who have been spayed or neutered often have an “eartip”, meaning the top of their left ear is missing. 

What to do if you find kittens

Kittens are best left with mom! Especially the younger they are, the better chance they have of survival with mom. It may sound crazy, but leaving them alone is the best thing you can do unless they are in real danger. 

Follow these steps if you find kittens:

  1. Leave the kittens alone and try to determine if mom is around. Observe them from a distance for 12-18 hours. If the kittens are content and not fussing, there’s a good chance mom is nearby. 
  2. If the kittens are in danger due to their location, move them to a safer spot nearby where mom can find them. 
  3. If the kittens are dirty, meowing, and appear sick, underweight or dehydrated, contact Cincinnati Animal CARE to talk through next steps.

Check out this handy guide we created:

kitten resources
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