Pet-Friendly Housing

Emergency Housing Resources

Women’s Crisis Center - Pet Protection Program
Phone: 859-491-3335

Found House - Interfaith Hospitality Network
Address: 990 Nassau St, Cincinnati, OH 45206
Phone: 513-471-1100
Assists pet owners who have become homeless.

The Ion Center
Phone: 859-491-3335
Help for your pets when leaving your home because you are experiencing partner/domestic violence.

Cincinnati Area Pitbull Friendly Rentals –
*these rentals have been referred to us, we haven’t called to verify all of them.  Please let us know if any are incorrect or if YOU know about a pittie-friendly landlord.

Name Location Website Phone
Green Valley ApartmentsWestern Hills,
The Lofts at WetheringtonWest Chester, OHmanagementplusrealtyservice.com513-772-2570
RED ApartmentsMadisonvilletheredapartments.com513-245-8979
Waldo ApartmentsDowntown, Cincinnatiwaldoapartments.com513-383-5579
Urban Properties OTRDowntown,
GantryNorthside, OHgantrylife.com513-407-2495
American Can LoftsNorthside, OHamericancanlofts.com513- 827-5638
Gaslight PropertiesClifton, OHgaslightproperty.com513-861-6000
Grey Rock Property DevelopmentNorthside, OHgreyrockdevelopment.com513-253-3480


  • This is a resource for Hamilton County residents to utilize. 
  • Please read the rules of the website before posting. Use clear and complete photos of the pet you are attempting to rehome. 
  • Creating a profile for your animal on this website will allow Cincinnati Animal CARE to promote your animal on our facebook page.

Facebook Rehoming Resources: 

Go to the rehoming page and post a really clear photo or two of your pet and a nice description, along with the reason for rehoming. Oftentimes this is the fastest way to rehome a pet. 

Tips and tricks for Re-Homing

  1. If you ask for a rehoming fee, do not ask for an unreasonable one, often times under $100 is sufficient to make sure the person interested is prepared and ready to take on the animal. 
  2. Take great photos. Pictures are the first thing people see. You want them to grab attention and make people interested. 
  3. Check the post often or set your facebook to give notifications. Being responsive will help the process move faster.
  4. Keep an open mind and be realistic. Although it may not be the perfect home you imagine for your pet, a home is always better than a shelter if the home seems fit enough to provide love, food, shelter, and water. 
  5. Be honest about the needs of the animal. If the animal needs medical care, training, or a household without kids or other animals etc. kindly let the new family know. Phrases such as, “would do well in a home with older children”, or “prefers to be the king/queen of their castle” are ways to articulate certain behavior needs.
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