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Greg Haskett

Board Treasurer

After enjoying a 25-year career in franchising, Greg has transitioned full-time into the non-profit world. As a Deputy Director at the American Red Cross working in disaster recovery, Greg now enjoys helping people recover from large scale national disasters. It is heartbreaking to see people lose their homes in hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes, but equally heartwarming to be a part of their recovery. Being a part of this type of recovery has been a lifelong passion with animals… helping them evolve into the new and better life that all animals deserve. Greg is a volunteer at several humane organizations, has fostered numerous abandoned dogs, coordinated humane events, and even spent time as a dog mascot at local events. The best part of his day are the morning and evening walks with forever foster dogs Scooter & Olivia.

Greg Haskett da Administrator
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For Our Community & Our Animals

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