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Laura Person

Medical Manager

Laura Person has been in Veterinary Medicine for 12 years, with the past 8 years at MedVet in Emergency and Critical Care as the Clinical Manager.

In addition, she has been fostering animals for almost 10 years and began working as a foster for Clermont Animal CARE last year, when they needed a foster for a medical case. Laura specializes in fosters with medical needs or a need for special care. She has also organized several fundraisers over the past year with her dog Lieutenant Dan to raise money for Clermont Animal CARE. You may recognize Lieutenant Dan as this year’s Cadbury Bunny!

At home Laura lives with her husband and 4 rescue dogs: Carrera, Sierra, Sneaky and Lieutenant Dan… and always one additional foster!

Outside of animal welfare, Laura loves spending time outdoors; taking her dogs to the park, hiking and kayaking. She’s also an avid runner and just completed the Flying Pig Half Marathon, her 5th half marathon in her running career.

Laura Person da Administrator
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