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Kelsey Maccombs

Shelter Manager

Kelsey Maccombs began her career in marketing and communications for nonprofits, but after volunteering for a few years at her local animal shelter in Lansing, Michigan, she knew animal welfare was her life’s mission.

Kelsey spent the last 5 years in Philadelphia working for the Pennsylvania SPCA where she served as Lifesaving Manager, overseeing Adoptions, Foster and Rescue departments. Kelsey enjoys hands-on creative problem solving to tackle the daily challenges of sheltering and believes every animal needs and deserves a unique approach. Kelsey’s biggest passions in sheltering are improving the day-to-day experience for pets in shelters and creating resources for our community members to keep pets in their loving homes when possible.

Kelsey’s home is full with three dogs – Dora, Charlie, and Mira, and two cats – Stella and Luna. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, or a long rural ride on her motorcycle. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit that provides training resources to folks of marginalized identities who work in specialty coffee.

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