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Microchipping is the #1 action you can take to ensure your pet is returned to you if they get lost!

Microchips are small chips (the size of a grain of rice) that are quickly, easily, and painlessly implanted in between your pet’s shoulder blades. They are NOT a tracking device, nor GPS. They simply carry your contact information so in the event your pet is lost, it can be scanned and you can be contacted. 

If you move or change contact information, make sure you update your pet’s microchip information!

Bring your pet to Cincinnati Animal CARE during normal business hours (1-6pm) any day of the week for a $25 microchip!

Most veterinarians offer microchipping as well. 

If you find a pet that is microchipped, you can take that pet to any animal shelter or veterinarian to have them scanned. 


Proper grooming is critical to pet health. Animals should have their nails clipped regularly and with long hair should receive regular brushing and sometimes, haircuts. 

Laundromutt and Grooming Tales
Phone: (513) 271-8007
Location: 6758 Bramble Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45227

Sweets Spaw
Phone: (513) 837-8056
Instagram: sweets_spaw

Applehead City Pet
Phone: (859) 814-8040
Location: 707 Fairfield Ave. Bellevue, KY 41073

The Pet Spot
Phone: (513) 334-4900
Location: 2503 Norwood Ave. Norwood, OH 45212

Bath & Bubbles Grooming Salon
Phone: (513) 474-7465
Location: 1005 Ohio Pk. Cincinnati, OH 45245

Bow Wow Boutique Inc.
Phone: (513) 321-7444
Location: 3253 Brotherton Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45209

Bonnie’s Wags & Whiskers
Phone: (513) 521-3647
Location: 7419 Perry St. Cincinnati, OH 45231

Gala Pet Styling
Phone: (513) 772-4252
Location: 11530 Springfield Pk. Cincinnati, OH 45246

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Keeping people safe around pets is the number one priority of Cincinnati Animal CARE. Dog bites are largely preventable with the right knowledge and information. 

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