The Cincinnati Animal CARE Story

While the name is new, we’re not new to animal welfare and sheltering. Our team has wide-ranging experience in animal welfare, animal control, business operations and fundraising.

Cincinnati Animal CARE is brought to you by the same lifesaving team that ran the Clermont animal shelter (Clermont Animal CARE) for 3 years with record-breaking, lifesaving success. We are thrilled to be bringing our progressive, best-practice animal sheltering to Hamilton County.

Clermont Animal CARE successes since January 1st, 2018

  1. We tripled our capacity for care!
  2. Adoptions were up 64%!
  3. Euthanasia was down 46% since the day we took over and down 96% in the last 5 years!
  4. 98% Live Release Rate since day one- the highest in county history!
  5. Named a Top 10 Shelter in the Nation by American Pets Alive!
  6. Launched the first ever Community Cats Program in county history!
  7. The Executive Director and Director of Lifesaving Operations were 2 of only 26 acting animal services leaders in the nation to graduate from Best Friends Animal Society’s and Southern Utah University’s Executive Leadership Certificate Program!

How Do We Do It?

We believe that every animal deserves a chance at a live outcome, should be treated as an individual, and that lifesaving is a community ethic. We trust our community and hope you’ll trust us. We promise to always be transparent with our community- you’ll always have a ‘noses in, noses out’ monthly data report. You’ll always know exactly where we stand.

What is No-Kill?

No-kill means only euthanizing animals when there is no other live outcome option. In other words, saving every animal that can be saved, healing every animal that can be healed, training every animal that can be trained, and always prioritizing public safety and high quality of life. End of life decisions are made for mercy, not convenience or lack of space.

To be clear, euthanasia means to end suffering. If the animal isn’t suffering, then it’s simply killing.

At Cincinnati Animal CARE, we treat every animal as an individual and assess their health and temperament holistically. When we euthanize an animal, it is because we have exhausted ALL other options for a live outcome and have determined that the animal is suffering too greatly, without good prognosis, from an illness or injury or they are a true public safety risk.

Our Commitment to the County

We are committed to a healthy partnership with county officials, one that is rooted in mutual respect, open communication, transparency, and a commitment to a common vision. We believe animal services in Hamilton County will thrive under a trusting and collaborative partnership.

Our Commitment to the Community

We believe in the value of people and understand they are essential to achieving no-kill at the Northside shelter. People are the solution, not the problem and we aim to understand problems in the community and from their perspective, so that we can create shared solutions. Pet issues and challenges are actually people issues and challenges. Because lifesaving is a community ethic, we intend to provide our community with relevant, available and important messaging. We need your help, Hamilton County! We cannot achieve no-kill alone.

Our Commitment to the Animals

We operate with the belief that an animal shelter is no place to live. We believe the best thing we can do for animals in Hamilton County is to keep them out of the shelter to begin with. We are committed to comprehensive programming that works with pet owners first to seek solutions to financial, behavioral, or housing problems that are hindering responsible pet ownership with the goal of keeping pets in homes. In the event that an animal must enter our care, we believe a robust foster program is the answer to providing re-homing support while keeping them out of the shelter.

Every animal in our care will receive immediate, individual attention and consideration. Each animal is placed on a live outcome plan upon arrival and our staff are compassionate and trained in best practices to ensure the exceptional care of every animal. “The Five Freedoms” are just the minimum. We will always act with a sense of urgency when lives are on the line.

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