Cats for Adoption

Below are the cats currently available to adopt at Cincinnati Animal CARE. The shelter is open seven days a week from 1pm-6pm, but please arrive prior to 5:30pm to meet an animal in-person.

The team at Kitty City wants to make the right cat match for you! We see a lot of cats come through and we know it can be overwhelming to see so many cats and kittens available for adoption… how do you pick the right one?!

We place cats into color-coded categories that describe their personality and coordinate the best match possible between human and feline companions. Feel free to email and we’ll be in touch to help determine which cats would do best in your home and fit your lifestyle!

Adoptable Cat Search Criteria

Available Cats for Adoption
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Female |8 Year(s) |Shelter
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Male |4 Year(s) |Shelter
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Male |4 Year(s) |Foster Home
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Male |6 Year(s) |Foster Home
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Female |2 Year(s) |Shelter
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Male |2 Year(s) |Shelter
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Female |7 Year(s) |Shelter
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Female |7 Year(s) |Shelter
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Female |8 Year(s) |Shelter
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Male |4 Year(s) |Foster Home
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Female |5 Year(s) |Foster Home
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Female |6 Month(s) |Shelter
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Female |4 Year(s) |Foster Home
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Female |1 Year(s) |Shelter
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Male |6 Year(s) |Shelter
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Female |10 Month(s) |Shelter
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