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Cincinnati Animal CARE is home to Hamilton County’s ONLY Dog Warden/Animal Control agency. Our Humane Agents and Deputy Wardens are on-call 24/7 to provide Hamilton County with exceptional animal control services. Our Officers are here to serve the people and pets of Hamilton County, While prioritizing public safety and enforcing Ohio Revised Code laws 955 (stray dogs) and 959 (cruelty and neglect). Our Officers look for opportunities in every interaction to assist and educate where appropriate.

Understanding Progressive
Animal Control Services

Traditionally, Animal Control primarily was dedicated to impounding animals, investigating cruelty and neglect, getting unsafe animals off the streets and using citations to enforce laws. Many of Ohio’s laws and ordinances were written decades ago (70 years in Ohio and do not reflect the value pets have in our homes and lives today. 

In the last decade, these roles have expanded to include outreach/education, providing supplies and food, helping owners get access to veterinary services, and getting lost pets home more quickly. Animal control has shifted from a primarily punitive (punishment-based) to a supportive (education and help-based) approach to enforcing laws and helping pets and people in our communities. 

Public safety and law enforcement remain a top priority, for Hamilton County’s Dog Warden/Animal Control but now it also is widely recognized that the safety and health of animals is tied to the health of people. When animal services focus on addressing the root causes that lead to public safety issues providing resources to keep dogs safely in their yards and put a high priority on swiftly resolving situations that put people and animals in danger the community will be safer.

To Notify Animal Control
of a Complaint

  • 1 Call Cincinnati Animal CARE at 513-541-PETS (7387)
  • 2 After Hours Animal Control Emergencies 513-825-2280
  • 3 Be prepared to leave detailed information, about the complaint you are making including the address or location the complaint is occurring and your contact information for you in case we have follow-up questions (you may stay anonymous but it’s helpful to be able to reach you if we have questions).
  • 4 We have staff members answering phones and checking voicemail during open hours (9am-6pm every day of the week)
  • 5 Complaints are prioritized based on the urgency and safety of animals and people involved. Routine complaints usually are able to responded to routine complaints within 48 hours.

If you continue to have issues after our Officers have addressed your complaint, Please contact us again to report continued incidents.

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