We are here to help

We know that life happens and the decision to rehome your pet is a difficult one. We strive to provide you judgment-free support, helping you decide what is best for you and your family. 

You may not know about the resources available at Cincinnati Animal CARE and in our community to assist you in keeping your pet. At Cincinnati Animal CARE, we will do just about anything to help. Just call the shelter at 513-541-PETS (7387) or email us at to talk with one of our team members about the resources we offer. 

Sometimes, however, a new home is best. But the county shelter is NOT your best option and should only be your last resort. Why? Because animal shelters are scary for pets and often, as is the case in Hamilton County, shelters are overcrowded with no open kennels. If your pet can find a new home without coming to the shelter, that’s your best option. So as a first step, we ask that you post your pet to our Home to Home page. Your pet will be listed on our website and people looking to adopt a new pet will be able to reach out to you directly, skipping the shelter completely.

If you are considering rehoming your pet and possibly surrendering your pet to Cincinnati Animal CARE, please reach out as soon as possible to speak with one of our Community Support team members. Don’t wait –  we cannot always accommodate last-minute intakes without notice. Contact the shelter at 513-541-PETS (7387) or email to discuss scheduling a drop-off at our next opening. We are here to help but can only do so with time.

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