Fostering Milestone Reached: 300 Dogs in Foster!

Finally resting in a foster home!

At the start of 2024 our foster team had the goal of reaching 200 dogs in foster care. We are happy to announce that at the end of January we officially have 300 dogs currently in foster  care! This is a huge accomplishment for CARE and we have not had this many dogs in foster care ever in CARE history. Thank you to everyone who is currently fostering an animal through us and to everyone who has signed up to foster or shared our posts! 


Despite this accomplishment, we still have 186 dogs currently in the shelter, waiting for their foster homes, or adoptive homes. If you have ever considered fostering, now is the time! We have created a small list of all the reasons why you should support your local foster and sign up! 


Fostering is fun!

 With fostering you get to take home a dog that might have never been in a home before or experienced regular home life things. Getting to watch them explore a backyard, meet people downtown or destroy their first stuffy toy is a joy to experience and something very special. 

Bungee enjoying a foster home!
Bungee enjoying a foster home!


Fostering is easy.

 Our foster team will work with you and your schedule/routine to help you find a dog that fits your home. Like to run? We will help you find a dog that does too! Want a dog to snuggle with and watch movies? We have a few that will happily sit by your side and binge your favorite series. If you can only foster for a weekend, a few weeks or want to foster until the dog gets adopted, it is all needed and all appreciated! Any amount of fostering makes a huge difference for these animals.


Fostering is free. 

We also will provide any supplies you need to bring a dog home and cover any medical care needed while they are in your care. Our foster team has dozens of resources and information they would be happy to share with you on training tips, behavior concerns, routines to try or general information on fostering and tips on sharing your foster pup. 


We have a great community, and it’s a great way to make friends! 

Alongside our great foster team, we have an amazing community of passionate fosters who are there to support you on your foster journey. Whether you just need someone to talk to who has fostered before and can give you their own personal tips and tricks or you just want to share updates on how cute and amazing your new foster dog is, our community will be happy to support! Our foster Facebook group is a great place to share updates, ask tips or get help with marketing or keeping your foster out of the shelter if you need to return, and it is a great sense of community and a great way to meet people with similar passions and interests. 


Fostering is a great way to see these dogs’ true personality. 

The shelter can be a scary and overwhelming place for some dogs, and they might not shine and show who they really are here. Fostering allows these dogs to get comfortable and show off their fun and silly personality they might not show at the shelter. This is a great way to get information on these dogs and share with future adopters! Learning how a dog is in a home, do they do well in the crate? Love cats? Prefer a walk as to playing in the backyard? Love to hog the bed and snuggle? Learning new tricks? Hate certain foods? This is all great information we could not get from a shelter environment and information that helps these dogs find their future home.


Fostering saves lives. 

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience and most of our fosters have said it has truly changed their lives. Watching a dog come out of their shell, learn that they love soft blankets, go on their first hike and take their first in-home nap after the shelter is a heartwarming experience and a privilege to see. Fostering changes these dogs’ lives and helps them get their new start on life they deserve, and find their future families. When you foster you are not only helping the dog you bring home, but also the next dog that comes to shelter, by opening up a kennel space for them to stay. 

Mother and puppy relaxing in foster home.
Mother and puppies relaxing in foster home.

We could not do the work we do without our foster community, and we would love for you to join! Email to sign up and schedule your first foster pickup.

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