Found Animals in Hamilton County, Ohio

These are animals found in Hamilton County either by the public or the Hamilton County Dog Warden. Per the Ohio Revised Code, strays are held at the shelter or in a stray foster for a minimum of 72 hours. If you believe any of these are your lost pet, please contact the shelter immediately at 513-541-7387. Be prepared to provide proof of ownership: photos of you with your pet, vet records, adoption paperwork, or purchase receipt.

What to Do When You Find a Stray Animal in Hamilton County

What to do When Finding a Stray Pet in Hamilton County, Ohio
  1. Contain the animal if you can do so safely.
    • Always approach stray animals slowly and cautiously while speaking in a calm, gentle voice. You can also use food to coax a frightened animal into approaching you.
    • Dog should be secured using a leash or contained in a fenced yard.
    • Cats are best confined inside a cat carrier, secure box (with air holes), small room of your house or temporarily in your car (as long as the car is well ventilated and not too hot).
  1. Check for ID if you can do so safely.
    • If the animal is wearing an ID tag with owner information, contact the owner immediately to facilitate a quick return home. If the pet is wearing ID, but you are unable to immediately make contact with the owner, you may choose to hold onto the pet for a few hours and wait for a call back from the owner. If you choose this course of action, it is still advisable to immediately file a “found” report with Cincinnati Animal CARE by messaging us on Facebook with a picture and the address the animal was found or by calling the shelter at 513.541.PETS (7387) in case the owner calls or goes there to search for their pet. If you are unable to hold the pet, you can either bring it to the Hamilton County Animal Shelter during normal business hours or call us at 513.541.PETS (7387) to schedule a pick up.
  2. If the animal is not wearing any obvious identification, have the pets scanned for a microchip at our shelter or a veterinary office at no charge. A registered microchip, often implanted between the shoulder blades of an animal, has owner contact information.
  3. Bring pets with no ID to the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society (the Hamilton County Animal Shelter). If the animal has no ID tag or microchip, its best chance of being reunited with its owner is most likely at the animal shelter. The shelter is the most obvious place where owners are likely to look for lost pets.
  4. Take a picture of the lost pet and post fliers in your neighborhood and online.
  5. Tips for creating a great flier:

    • Take a clear picture.
    • Include your contact information or the contact information where the animal is being held.
    • Include the address or cross street, plus zip code where the animal was found.
    • Include the date the animal was found.
    • Post fliers in your neighborhood, at your local pet store and local veterinary offices.
    • Post online to your personal Facebook page and community groups such as Cincinnati Tri-State Area Lost and Found Pets, Lost Pets of Hamilton County, etc. Also post to your neighborhood NextDoor forum.

Note: Never put yourself in harm’s way by attempting to capture an animal that is behaving aggressively. If you cannot safely approach the animal or if it runs away, call us at 513.541.PETS (7387) or the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department immediately. Be sure to give the dispatcher the exact street address where the animal was last seen with a good description.

What to do if Your Pet Goes Missing

  1. Start by checking the Lost & Found Pets to see if your animal has been reported Found to Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society. As a courtesy, we maintain a Lost Pets Gallery on our Facebook page and website.
  2. To notify Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society of your lost pet, send us a private message to our Facebook page with a current photo, relevant information about date and location your pet went missing and contact information that can be shared publicly. Please note that we do not monitor these posts so it’s important for you to review them regularly and to follow up as appropriate.
  3. It’s also a good idea to post fliers around your neighborhood, at veterinary offices and pet stores, as well as post information on social media sites such as:
Report a Lost Pet in Hamilton County, OH
  1. To create a great flier be sure to include:”
    • A clear picture.
    • Date your pet went missing.
    • Last known location and zip code.
    • Your contact information.
  2. In the Cincinnati area, we even have a Pet Detective that can help in the search.
  3. Petco Love Lost is a national lost and found database which utilizes pet facial recognition to help reunite lost pets with their owners.
  4. Once your pet is found, please edit or remove your original fliers and social media posts so that everyone who has shared knows your pet is home safe and won’t continue to share. This will help keep the airways clear and allow people to focus on finding those animals still trying to find their way home.

Never give up hope – some animals are reunited years after they have gone missing!

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