Open Your Heart and Home To a Senior Pet

Senior pet with family

Senior pets are often looked over at animal shelters due to their age and assumptions about their health. People often come in looking for a young pet who is active or seen as easier to train. However, it is our honest belief that adopting a senior is one of the most rewarding things someone can do. There’s nothing like providing a safe, loving home for their golden years of life. Here are five reasons why you should consider opening your heart and home to a senior pet today!


  • They are who they are!

Senior animals come with less surprises. We already know the animal’s personality, preferences, etc. as they have had years to determine what they like and don’t like. Knowing these things can help ensure they are a good fit for the adopter’s lifestyle. With seniors, what you see is what you get! 


  • Many already have basic training

Many of our senior dogs know basic commands, like “sit” or “paw.” They are often potty trained and less destructive in homes. This takes away the headache of having to train a new puppy or go through the annoying “toddler” years. 


  • You’ll be a hero

Animals deserve to spend their golden years in comfort. By providing a warm, loving home, you are giving them a new lease on life. Older animals show appreciation and love their adopters unconditionally. Plus, by adopting an animal from your local shelter, you’re freeing up resources for the next animal in need that comes in.


  • Less daily maintenance

Though seniors still have a pep in their step, they don’t always need as much daily exercise as younger dogs and cats. The occasional walk and play time is fun for them, but doesn’t feel like a chore for you! Most are content to snuggle on the couch or relax in the backyard. 


  • Lower adoption fees

At Cincinnati Animal CARE, we waive the adoption fee for senior animals to help them have a better chance at finding their future families. We would rather the adopter spends that money on spoiling their new senior pet!

Hear about some of our adopted seniors!

Senior dog adopted into loving home
Senior Dog Rocko

Rocko was a fan favorite at CAC amongst the staff and volunteers for his go with the flow attitude, love for meeting new people and passion for taking naps. Being a senior dog, that was on the larger side and a little picky about what dogs he liked, he was having trouble finding his future home. Rocko found his special day months later, when he attended an adoption event at our Pet Adoption Center and met his new mom. Christina had recently lost her Rottie and was looking to fill the spot in her heart with another dog in need. Having the experience, and time for a larger, senior dog, she knew instantly that Rocko was the one for her. Now Rocko spends his days going on golf cart rides, eating delicious fresh food, and of course taking long naps in his own bed. 


Senior adopted cat Leon from Cincinnati Animal CARE
Senior cat Leon

Leon was a senior kitty that really tugged at your heart. Spending most of his life outside as a neighborhood community cat, life wasn’t easy and he was in rough shape when he found his way to CAC at around 10 years old. He was missing a lot of his fur from fleas and had some ulcers in his mouth. We weren’t sure how many years he had left, but we did know that he was extremely loving and greeted everyone with loud purrs, waiting for you to sit down so he could curl up in your lap. Haley saw our posts about him on Facebook and instantly knew he belonged with her. Despite his looks and age, he was very healthy and loved exploring his new home, surprising his mom by showing off his agility and jumping in the sink!

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